The early 21st century is Peak Cat.

Beware institutions, ideas, and people who are in a death spiral, even if you mean them no harm. They are desperate, irrational, and unpredictable, and likely casting about for someone to blame.

Don't use a rocket ship to go get your groceries, even if you are a rocket scientist.

The discomfort of progressives and libertarians with hierarchy (see Jonathan Haidt, et al) is reflected in their tendency to have fewer children. The importance of loyalty, authority, and sacredness is greater when there are parents who must be obeyed, children who you must sacrifice your own present for the future of, and spouses who you must not cheat on lest the basis of the family arrangement be endangered. This is why conservatives are reproducing more successfully than progressives, while libertarians are not (even though they are often on the political right on economic issues).