So, it snowed in Austin somehow. We're not totally clear on what the deal is with that, but anyway it happened. Thursday night, my daughter Juliet went out and made her first snowman with a size greater than about 12 inches. It stood about three feet tall, actually. It kind of reminded me of "Pig Pen", from the Peanuts.

Friday at 8 am, it was still looking ok, surprisingly. Yes, this is what it had looked like the night before. However, the lawn around it was mostly snow-clear by this point.

Friday evening, around 7 pm, it was still there, even more surprisingly. However, clearly, Pig Pen is shrinking a bit.

But clearly, this would all be gone by the morning. It's Austin, even at night it's usually above freezing. But Saturday morning at 9 am, still recognizably a snowman.

By Saturday at 8:30 pm, though, I think we could say it was not. However, still recognizably a bit of snowcorpse, though.

Sunday morning, 8:30 am, and it's nearly all over. Pig Pen Snowman, we hardly knew ya.