This is the personal blog of Ross Hartshorn, who is a middle-aged father, husband, computer programmer, and bookreader. It has no particular over-arching theme. It is not intended to convince anyone of anything, or be particularly flashy or demonstrate any particular skill at web developing; I do program for a living but I believe in using the right technology for the task at hand, and my task here is mostly to present a bunch of text and a few images. The right task for that is...html (and a bit of css and occasionally javascript). It's not that I think web frameworks are bad, I have (and continue to) use them, and a CMS is fine if you want that. I, however, prefer just to code the html and css myself, when it's on my own time, since what I'm doing here is just a way for me to organize my own thoughts. "Don't take a rocketship to go pick up your groceries", as the saying goes.

If you would like to comment on anything stated or shown here, I encourage you to place a link to it on your webpage, on your own website, and then fire away.