vampire 1
The VHS cover of the movie
vampire 1
One of the Violet Crown. Looks like it could have been in the Atomic Nightclub scene, but I don't think there was a piano in that, so it was probably from the flashback nightclub scene set in the 1920's.
vampire 2
Another Elder. The movie's take on vampires was fairly old school, but they do not seem to have a problem with crucifixes. Note the obviously Texan origin; what other vampire would wear a hat like that?
vampire 3
It was unclear whether this vampire was with the Elders or the rebels. I have noticed that all of the female vampires seemed to be good looking. Did ugly people just never get turned into vampires, or what?
vampire 4
Some of the special effects in the movie were kind of low budget. Here the "violet" part of the phrase "violet crown" is being taken to an extreme.
vampire 5
Another of the rebel vampires. I noticed that the rebels seemed to do a lot of posing for the camera, in between crying havoc and down with the Elders.
vampire 6
Not totally sure which scene this was from. It looks like the sort of place the rebels would hang out, but the outfit seems more Elders. Maybe this was from somewhere in the Castle Hill scene, or shortly thereafter?